Redrock Partners is a U.S. Veteran Owned Small Business that offers its customers a suite of products and services to support all aspects of aviation, defense and logistical requirements. From product support to tactical training to logistics and infrastructure, Redrock is strategically partnered and/or joint ventured with OEM and OEM Tier One suppliers that are technically capable to handle any requirement. Founded by US military professionals, Redrock is adaptive, creative and flexible. Our solutions are tailored to meet specific objectives but are developed using world class metrics and standards.

The Mission of Redrock Defense is to provide its customers with a turn-key solution that will properly equip and train personnel in the most challenging and complex scenarios available. The Redrock Training Syllabi are intense programs that is modeled after the best practices of Allied forces and taught by the most seasoned instructors focused on four pillars:

  • Discipline
  • Comprehension
  • Standards and Success

Aviation Tactical Courses Offered, but not limited to are:

  • Personnel and Equipment Recovery (Combat Rescue)
  • High Altitude Aviation Training
  • Open Ocean Water Training
  • Urban Tactics
  • Counter Terrorism Assault Course
  • Dissimilar Formation Flying
  • NVG Low Level Formation
  • Fixed/Rotary Wing Asset Integration and Command/ Control
  • Parachute Training (HALO/HAHO)
  • Aerial Sniper

Redrock attack training services is a proven course of instruction taught by former USSOCOM instructors with operational experience instructing US and Foreign Commands. This syllabus is tailored to the unique environments of the customer needs and includes, but not limited to:

  • Emergency Procedures Refresher Training
  • Touchdown Autorotation’s from Altitude
  • Low Level Straight In’s, 90 and 180 Autorotation’s
  • Anti-Torque Failure/Stuck Pedal Running Landing
  • Trim Motor Failure
  • Manual Throttle Control